Thursday, August 15, 2013

Grumpy Old Me and Crock Pot Recipes

I'm so confused sometimes... Last night I though a crock pot Chicken Alfredo might be a good thing to try. Well, the dedicated reader of my main blog 101 Cooking for Two (yes, both of you) will know I do not like crock pot recipes with cans of this and packages of that. That is not cooking...

I started by Google searching. A bad idea since I was tired and could get grumpy rapidly. It took 30 plus recipes (I lost count) to find one recipe anywhere close to cooking. Almost all had jars of Alfredo sauce. Really that is the recipe?????  Many had cans of soup and packages of Italian dressing. Some even bragged about the amount of process s__t they put in their "home cooked" meal. Then the comments of how wonderful... REALLY... I'm glad I was too tired to comment. I try to be polite.

I admit to adding some salsa to make a Mexican dish. I have been known to use Ranch dressing as a spice. And an odd can of this or that has made it into my cooking. But I would not add Alfredo sauce as the main ingredient to make Alfredo sauce. Nope, not cookin' to me.