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Comments are welcome, in fact that is why this is a seperate blog on blogger. I was going to do a static page but there would be no way for readers to comment on individual posts. Rude or obnoxious comments are not welcome and will not be published. If I comment on something and you disagree, please comment but keep it factual. If you want to spout pseudoscience or wackiness then go away.  I will be the sole and final judge of what is published on this site. Get your own site if you want to be rude or wacky.

I will not publish comments that advertise your commercial product, if you have a food related blog, please include a link to your site. If I consider it a blog in the same sense as mine, I will be happy to give you some free advertising.

Lastly, I will not post anonymous comments. Man up a use your name (or at least one like DrDan) or go away. Anonymous comments are always spam anyways.

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