Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bluehost S_cks

Most of the time I'm a mellow guy. But I have reached my limit. What is my limit? 24 hours it seems.

I moved my main blog 101 Cooking For Two to Word Press in November. There are lots of reasons for food blogs to be on Word Press vs. Blogger. I fought them for years but finally gave in last fall. I "did my research" and went with a big name in web hosting, Bluehost. I'm ok with paying a little more for quality. I started with their base shared service that should have been enough but not even close. I moved up to their pro plan. Overkill according to their techs. Still daily downtime. It just s_cked. So I bit the bullet and moved up to their VPS. My response time went down and all was well for 3 months.

WAS WELL... My site has now been down for 24 hours. The company initially "stonewalled" it with social media apologies and no information. I'm not the Lone Ranger here. It seems like thousands were effected both at Bluehost and HostGattor (a sister site). Conviently their phone system was having issues but their main site stayed up. I wonder who they use.

Now the blame is on a hardware vendor and a firmware update. But really that is BS. You are suppose to be a professional hosting site. You install updates without testing? You have no redundant systems, no emergency plan? WOW how incompetent can you be.